“Overcomers By Faith Ministry"

Ministry Information


OVERCOMERS BY FAITH MINISTRY shall not have denominational affiliation in carrying on its mission to:

(a) evangelize

(b) preach the gospel

(c) assist, support, and be affliliated with ministries to the SICK, HURTING, primarily CANCER VICTIMS, but not exclustive to, including TERMINIALLY ILL VICTIMS of any and all diseases, and to their loved ones

(d) providing cards of encouragement, offering physical assistance  such as help around the home, trips to the doctor, being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, mailing books, cd's, and rescources of healing and encouragement

(e) donations given into OVERCOMERS BY FAITH MINISTRY will be used for such purposes.

*If you give an offering/donation, please include your name and address. You will receive a tax-deductable statement. 


100 Zoar Road

Chesterfield, SC 29709

For Prayer: (843) 287-1208

E-mail: OBFM@outlook.com

Facebook: Overcomers By Faith Ministry

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